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Faerie Magic by pika Faerie Magic :iconpika:pika 76 15 Janza by cherohero Janza :iconcherohero:cherohero 27 1
Misjudged pt9~ Zoro x Reader *Final*

     You were happy, truly happy for the first time in a long time. You smile happily watching Light and play Luffy play cheerfully. Zoro sneaks his hand into yours, and you look over as he leans on you a bit. "I love your smile..." He murmurs quietly. You blush and look away with a giggle. 
      "So you two finally together now?" Ace asks with a smirk.
      "Just be warned, ____'s like our sister, if you hurt her we'll come after you Zoro." Sabo rumbles with an intimidating smile. Zoro hugs you at that. 
      "I'll kick my own ass if I hurt her. She doesn't need anymore bullshit." He cuddles his cheek to yours. 
      "Isn't that the truth..." Another voice rumbles and you all freeze, looking over at Smoker. 
        "Smoker!" Light cheers running over to the man cheerfully. Smoker kneels down and puts a hand on Light's head. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 114 15
Silver pt2~ Smoker x Reader

      "We're taking him back!" You gasp walking onto deck. 
      "You can't, by now he's already took off for the grandline as well." Silver smirks. 
      "Doesn't mean your mom has left!" You retort going to the wheel. 
      "My mom died when I was born." Silver informs you. You freeze gripping your chest. 
      "That man... Raising his trouble making child alone...." You breathe. 
      "Hey, I'm standing right here!" The boy huffs with a slight growl. You look at him for a moment or two. 
      "I'm still returning you to your father. I will not be labeled a kidnapper!" You tell him.
      "That's fine, good luck with that." He rumbles. Your brow twitches. This kid. 
      "Smoker's gonna kill me.... He's gonna curse me as a kidnapper... Why are you doing this to me kid?" You
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 78 14
Gone Supernova pt5~ Im Starting To Hate Space

      You were doing a lot better after taking the pill. You were steadily climbing the ranks in class, starting to smile and lighten up. "You're doing great Doll, and I haven't had to worry about you killing over during training." He comments with a smile. 
      "Right? I didn't realize how much the pain was slowing me down until now. I can finally keep up with you.'' You grin at him cheerfully. 
      "I'm glad.... You're smiling more too, which is lovely." His knuckles brush against your cheek. You blush looking away and smiling to yourself.
       "Heh, never heard that before." You murmur. 
        "I adore you." He chuckles lightly. "Anyway, are you ready for tomorrow, I hear we'll be facing some nasty space pirates from Zarg galaxy." He nudges you as you swallow nervously. 
        "I hope I do okay..." You look down.&
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 74 14
Gone Supernova pt4 ~ Training Hell
     Oh yeah, training was hard. Like tearing sixty percent of your muscles hard. The fucking agony your body was in. But there was one thing that eased the pain, your training partner. He was dashing and sweet, has a nice body too the kind that made you bite your lip everytime you checked him out when he wasn't looking. How could you not when he preferred tight fitting leathery clothes. That's enough to get your heart started again should it ever stop. He voice was nice to, smooth yet rugged, and when he said your name it made your heart beat a little faster. But mostly he calls you by a nickname that he thought suited you well and that was-
      "Hey Doll, you okay down there?" He leans over you crystal blue eyes peering down at you. 
      "Hey Drake... I'm good." You offer a sheepish smile, blush coming to your cheeks as you sit up. He smiles a bit with a head tilt, he
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 73 16
Gone Supernova pt2~ Help Me...
      You felt sick to your stomach, floating around in this weird murky neon green orb. You could see blurry shapes on the other side but that was it. What was going on? Where were you? You try to wipe off the walls but they were too slick. "Come on..." You frown trying harder, freezing when a large shape is suddenly on the other side. The orb you were in suddenly becomes clear and you gasp in surprise, looking up at the blond man. 
      "Fufufufu human is cute.... I may keep..." His voice had a strange buzz to it, leaning down to peer at you, lifting his odd sunglasses to show two pairs of eyes. You swallow meeting his gazes uneasily. "Where's zzzt Law?" He asks you. 
       "W-Who?" You ask carefully.
       "Law zzzt the... Bation zzt!" He rumbles reaching through the bubbles membrane to tip your chin. You blink, the Bation. His name was La
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 78 11
Gone Supernova pt1~ One Piece x Reader

     You had alot of things to do today, schoolwork that needed to be completed, chores that had to be done, and homework which linked arms with the twenty minutes of crying because you didn't understand half of it... Yep, a busy, soul crushing day. You didn't have time to do anything else. And you damn sure didn't have time for being abducted by aliens. But that happened. Oops! Sorry, you're probably like, "... What?...." So I'll explain what happened before that, when your life was still normal.
     You check your back pack a third time to make sure your homework was in there before heading out to the room. You glance around the empty house before going out and starting for school alone. "Test in history today..." You mutter thinking of the notes. Your mind wanders trying to remember everything that would be on the test. 
       "Nee~ ___!!" A voice makes you look back as that girl hurries ove
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 119 8
Pet pt2~ Bad Dog

      "Kid!" You growl chasing after the doberman and skidding into the wall. You fall on the floor glaring at the dog as he rumbles, lips lifting to reveal his teeth. "You better not be laughing at me Eustass Kid..." You breathe getting up slowly. His ears perk and he backs up as you lunge at him. "You're getting a bath!" You snap as he takes off. You chase after him around the house again. 
     You stop after a bit, panting and glaring at the dog. He faced you head lowered. "It's on now pup." You breathe removing your shirt and cracking your neck. Kid backs up seeming more alarmed now. You smirk and dive over the couch, crashing into the dog. He yelps in surprise trying to get away but you pick him up, carrying him to the bathroom as he struggles.
     "You're damn heavy." You grunt putting him in the half filled up tub. He tries to lunge out but you grab his collar. "That's enough! Sit down now."
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 170 27
Second Chance Part 4 (Ex-Slave Child Reader)
    There was a stranger on board. Y/n could sense it, and they were right behind this door. She continued to stare at the door in curiosity, until she heard rustling inside, then footsteps. Y/n was quick to go get someone, mainly Thatch considering he was in fact a people’s person. When she brought him back, the freckled stranger was up and looking out at the sea. Thatch had Y/n behind him as he greeted the stranger. The stranger yelled at him, then put his head in between his hands. Thatch laughed, and Y/n simply continued to stare at the stranger. When he made eye contact with her, his hostility seemed to simmer down a bit. Thatch noticed his stare.
   “That’s Y/n, she’s our little sister.” He smiled at Y/n who looked up at him. He reached down, and easily picked her up and placed her on the railing.
    “You have a child aboard?” The stranger grumbled. Thatch laughed,”Sounds crazy right? But, sh
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 177 35
Fetch by iveechan-art Fetch :iconiveechan-art:iveechan-art 336 14 Metal Shading Tutorial by DanSyron Metal Shading Tutorial :icondansyron:DanSyron 1,799 26 Spend a Day With Your OC Meme - Blank Template by Intelius Spend a Day With Your OC Meme - Blank Template :iconintelius:Intelius 52 20
Freaking Baby Days ~ Kid x Reader x Law *Oneshot*

      You were cornered by your roommate, teeth bared threateningly. "Back off Bonney. I mean it." You warn uneasily. 
      "You lost the bet, and I think this'll be good for you." She hums touching your sides. You cry out in protest as your body reverts back to a toddlers. You squirm in her grasp angrily. 
      "Wo of ese ays Onney!!" You growl, speech impaired. She giggles kissing your forehead. 
      "You're so cute when you're angry, come on let's get you dressed and then you can go to daycare while auntie throws a party!" She chimes. You struggle more at that. She did all of this for a party!? 
      "Ba oomae! Ba oomae!!" You cry out as she dresses you in a little pink outfit. 
      "I'm sorry but the last time I threw a party, you beat up my boyfriend and there's three people out the window. I can't let you get angry again...
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 300 37
Run pt6~ Smoker x Reader

      You smile watching him thoughtfully, he sure has a soft spot for kids. You smile, resting your cheek in your hand. He pauses and looks over at you and you blush looking away with a smile. He smiles coming over and leaning on the car door. "Alright, let's go see if Sengoku has anymore work for us." He rumbles opening the door. You blink and smile getting out and following him into the station. 
       "Anything left Sengoku?" Smoker asks as you peer at the sheriff. 
       "You sure are taking these out swiftly today Smoke-- ___?" Sengoku raises an eyebrow at you. 
       "Hey sheriff," You wave with a smile. 
       "Ah.... Have you been helping him all day?" Sengoku inquires raising an eyebrow. 
       "Is that okay? I am qualified for police work." You hum. Sengoku starts to smile widely and you and Smok
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 79 13
Mystery Evolving Pony Adoptables-CinderellaStage4- by Sakuyamon Mystery Evolving Pony Adoptables-CinderellaStage4- :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 137 30



am very obsesed with the name luna XD
well, i havent uploaded many drawings of mine but their names are all luna .....

i just noticed i named almost all my ocs luna so, i decided to change their names 
.. welp ... i forget very easily but lets do this :D   am also naming some of the drawings i havent uploaded yet so ya
white lucario:snow
night/ light fury: winter
adventure time luna the human: moonla the human
luna the cat: candy the cat
bla bla bla :/  i dont even know why i am doing this ....

creator: Luna MelodyMoonBelle   XD   
nickname : Big sister (my characters can call me big sis...?)  shes like leora but older ? around the age of 14


So ---
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